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Welcome to ITALLIS Communication.  Our name says It All.

Our guiding principle is that It All Is Communication.  We offer a variety of products and services for those who wish to better themselves through Biofeedack techniques.  Whatever we can do to open up and improve the quality of communication between all beings, THAT is our Mission.

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The services offered on this site are all related to consciousness enhancement via biofeedback. In this area, we are working to improve the communication between a person and His or Her Own Self.  

•Presently, the state of technology allows for individuals to purchase inexpensive yet powerful electronic equipment which measures the body's electrical pulses.
•Computer programs already exist which provide for people the entertaining opportunity to control their DVD, MP3, computer games, and a Flash Player using nothing more than their own body electricity. 
•The science of PsychoPhysiology has long established the fact that by becoming aware of the body's electricity a person can take control of that electricity and thus make SUBSTANTIAL changes in his or her state of physical, mental and spiritual health. 
•Inexpensive programs and devices are on the market, available without restrictions to anyone willing to invest around $1500.00.  The theoretical knowledge is publically accessible via internet. ALMOST all the parts are in place for an evolution in the Wellness of all people.

Until now, the experiential knowledge of how to apply these scientific and technological advances has remained a priviledge of the medical community. Though the Biofeedback process is entirely non-invasive and does not have negative side effects, it can be confusing to attempt to apply the technique on oneself. Often times the brave Home-Based self-trainer has fallen victim to the common, dreaded Home-Gym Syndrome

The Problem:
The device is purchased and has all the potential to deliver on its promise.  However, with just a manual and a lot of good intentions in hand, the home-user begins an intensive, regular training that, because of to unforseen schedule changes and no way to measure real progress becomes less and less intensive and regular until whole weeks pass without using the device. Finally, it is given up as another poor investment and begins to gather dust in the closet or is sold at a garage sale.

ITALLIS has developed this internet Home-Base training program which offers the final missing element to truly open the communication between the Home-Based trainer and his or her own Self. Learn how our service has been created to offer an inexpensive and effective supervision of the Biofeedback training which you want to run. Our trainers are all experienced and have real practices in real places around the world.  We have made your trainer's work and your work more simple and secure by providing this system of Assessment, Training and Reviewing.  Every step in the process is personalized to your needs and desires.  Now your own Self Awareness can move you into the place you deserve in your life:  Self Empowerment!

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It All Is Communication.