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BioPLAY Games


BioPLAY games follow a standard so that ALL of our games will play with the same settings. The first two inputs, Bio1 and Bio2 are On/Off inputs. The third, Bio3 gives proportional feedback.

Our games can be played in BioExplorer, BioGraph Infiniti, and BrainMaster software. Each has its own method of handling this programming. Details on using BioPLAY games and adapting protocols are found in our BioPLAY Games Manual.

View or Download BioPLAY Games Manual

BioExplorer How-To

Itallis BioExplorer designs are pre-programmed to play BioPLAY flash games, but any of your BioExplorer designs can be adapted for BioPLAY games by providing 3 flash player inputs.

BioGraph Infiniti How-To

Infiniti screens are simply adapted through Connection Settings. You will need the Developer Tools and free TTFlash Player add-on if your version is 5.0 to 5.0.3 at Thought Technology. The flash player is included in versions after 5.0.3.

BrainMaster How-To

BrainMaster (2.5SE or higher) offers plug-and-play convenience with any standard protocols and Z-Score training. Download the latest BrainMaster software update for the current flash player.


I get a “Configure your Control Panel” message when I try to play the game.

If using BrainMaster please read about overriding flash player settings.

Be sure you have chosen your software interface from the Control Panel (Cog icon in lower left of screen).

Start the training session or recording playback before starting the BioPLAY game.

Check your software settings.

In BioExplorer, Bio3 must have a ratio input connected for the games to play.

With slower-moving signals like HEG or EKG, there may be periods of 3 seconds or more without success above threshold, and the game will stop. Contact ITALLIS about creating a module for the signal diagram to adjust for this or see the ITALLIS designs for an example.

In Infiniti, be sure you have chosen the correct modes for Actions 0 (Boolean), 1 (Boolean), and 2 (Percentage) and have chosen and instrument for each.

The game is playing but I can’t use arrows/mouse.

Click the mouse within the flash player screen to resume keyboard or mouse control.

The game is running but my ship(man, etc.) won’t move.

Most games require keyboard or mouse control for direction. Use your arrows or mouse.

How how can I incorporate a key board or mouse to a system set up with the trainer using a laptop and the trainee using a monitor?

To allow the client to have his own controls, you can get a numeric keypad and mouse that plug into your laptop. Targus and Toshiba and maybe others have keypads with USB ports to add a mouse to them. Please note that only one window can have active controls at the same time. When you click outside the flash player, the flash game will not be controlled until it is clicked with the mouse. We usually suggest having the client pause a moment if you need to make an adjustment.

The flash game won't play

Be sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

BioPLAYER is greyed out in the Infiniti Select Application window.

Make sure you have Developer Tools to allow you to use the Screen Editor.

My BioExplorer design is set up as instructed, but there is no feedback, even when Bio1 is on.

Each design is different so you need to connect the flash player according to the design and training you are doing. If getting feedback is too “difficult,” experiment with your input signals. Try a different variable signal input to Bio3 such as Pass%.

Bio2- Our example shows alpha training which may naturally have a larger increase than some other signals. If Bio2 is not triggered change your expression to suit the biological signal you are training or try a different input such as an AND object or other threshold.

The clock is running but the game won’t run.

Change your regional settings:
Control Panel
Regional Settings
Set numbers to U.S. English (123,456.00)

When trying to export High Scores I opened Excel and pressed Ctrl + v as instructed but nothing happened.

Open your spreadsheet editor before using the Export function. Once it is open click “Export” again.

How can I override BrainMaster flash player settings if I don't want to use a standard BrainMaster protocol?

Open the Event Wizard and change equations for Events 1, 2, and 3. Events 1 and 2 must have zero or one outputs. Event 3 must have a ratio output. After each alteration, click "Check Equation" or changes will not be saved.

When opening a BioPLAY game in the BrainMaster flash player, BioPLAY game type will be chosen. To override this you must choose BrainMaster game type from the dropdown menu.

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