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BioExplorer Designs

ITALLIS Communication is a physiological communication company dedicated to opening clear channels of communication between the Human Being his/her Self. We create software interfaces for the Biofeedback and Neurofeedback field. At present our development efforts have been inside of the BioExplorer software, manufactured by CyberEvolution.

Many of the BioExplorer potentials built into that software have been little employed by BioExplorer Designs publishers. ITALLIS has a concept of biofeedback Design publishing that includes ALL possible resources and their supporting archives in one PACK. Our Design Packs are, of course, developed with one function in mind: Increase self awareness of a given Mind/Body State. So, whether you are buying an ALPHA INCREASE pack or a BETA and SMR trainer, you will find in any and all Design Packs developed by ITALLIS the following features:

Complete Multimedia: Through overlapping screen layouts, we have managed to fit DVD, AVI, FLASH and SPECTRUM displays in one small space. This means that you can choose ANY visual multimedia feedback, all in the same single biofeedback Design.

Complete Notes: Our designs tell why and how often to train, where to place sensors, how to save stats, what each item does and how to get more information.

Didactic Signal Diagrams: The BioExplorer Signal Diagram is where all programming occurs. In the interest of transparency and for learning, we have named and created pop-up explanations for EACH AND EVERY object. Just pause your mouse and Learn.

Subjective Tracking: We have developed two MS Excel resources that allow you to rate both your symptomatic feelings and your feelings in training. These will accumulate and are GRAPHABLE!

Objective Tracking: Using both the BioReview software and automated Excel resources that we have developed, you can generate immediate and publishable reports on both IN-SESSION progress as well as INTER-SESSION evolutions.


All these basic features are specially developed by ITALLIS Communication in order to create a smooth and comforting training experience. We work hard so you can merely live the ITALLIS motto:

Empower. Employ, ENJOY!

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