Technology Serving Consciousness

What is Neurofeedback?

There are two independent technologies that were married to create Neurofeedback. The first- EEG was developed to measure the electrical signals which are made by the brain and which reach the scalp. Observation showed that there was a range of pulse rates which the brain produces; beginning at 0.1 and being measured up to 40 beats per second (Hertz). When a pulse rate was empirically defined, the real study began. We studied what a person feels like while the brain beat at different speeds, and in different places on the cortex. We studied most every mannerism and how fast the brain beat. We went to sleep and studied how the brain beat. We watched intake of different aliments and how the brain beat. We saw anger and joy, anxiety and ecstasy, hunger and satisfaction while the brain beat on. Now in it’s 80th year, the EEG technology has done a more than fair job of mapping out the whole scope of waking and sleeping Mental States.

The second technology is not a technology, but an idea of what to do with a technology. It is the principle of Biofeedback. This idea is as simple as listening to one’s own heart with a stethoscope. What occurs is that a machine is used to amplify some human physiological function. Then that amplified heartbeat, or skin temperature, or eye blink rate, or heart rate, or muscle tone is shown to the person that is creating it- AS IT OCCURS. We use biofeedback when we look in the mirror and fix our hairstyle. Biofeedback is the constructive use of a reflection. The great power of this is that what often is reflected in a biofeedback session is something so quiet that it usually remains unrecognized by us. A heartbeat is a hard thing to notice. So is a skin temperature. Some benefits of having that objective reflection are that the information comes to us with a number. This makes our experience of that information easy to rate and compare to past experiences. By having a mirror, young men have learned how to shave quickly and with little blood shed. To the point that when they are men, they can shave "by feel." It is a technology that can let a person teach oneself some action that will change that person for the better. When that action has been learned, the person won’t need the mirror anymore to achieve the same result. Also, with a mirror we can see where we are weak and where we are strong. We can improve our form- according to how we want to see ourselves.

Neurofeedback is a mind mirror. It is the union of the EEG technology with the principle of Biofeedback. So that we have the technological power to objectively understand and enhance our very Selves. The brain is just an organ, yet within its physical boundaries resides the Mind; the force with which we think and send impulses to act. It is the root of our every feeling, memory, fear, pain, and limit. And it lives, so it can change? The information that the EEG provides is as science requires. It is organized, easily manageable. It is definable, comparable, statistically valid, and yet the numbers are representing the most mysterious subject we’ve striven to know: the Human Mind. Now with Neurofeedback people are able to define the real problems they experience and through self-observation are changing those problems into promise; on their own merits! This process works, in a very simple way. So many people have cured and enhanced themselves that the body of evidence finally allows western science to admit the eastern claim that the mind and the body are one. By changing one's mind, one really does change one’s body.