Technology Serving Consciousness

Neurofeedback Applications

Neurofeedback has a range of uses as wide as the imaginable. Some changes for which it is being used already are to eliminate migraine, to solve attention, hyperactivity, anxiety and depression problems, it is used to ameliorate such problems as serious as epilepsy, tourette’s, autism, even long term chemical dependence. Yet the field is not so small as to merely treat problems. Athletes and executives know and use Neurofeedback as a means of getting the competitive edge by enhancing performance. It is a fine tool to teach us about our own creativity. It is being used by senior citizens who have noticed their "edge" growing dull. It offers brain enhancement for the elderly at a time when one of our greatest challenges with aging is not in maintaining our bodies but in maintaining our minds against the effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These are not all the applications of Neurofeedback. That list has time yet until it is exhausted or even completed. The mind and the body really are one.

If you have already researched what Neurofeedback (NF) is, you have learned that in the combining of EEG technology and Biofeedback principles a powerful tool has been created. Each of these two technologies which have been joined is a powerful tool on its own; each with its own list of practical applications. EEG is used to view the brain and its reactions to different stimuli or tasks. It is also used to diagnose abnormalities within the brain. While Biofeedback is used as a mirror for self-reflection, and so, self-empowerment, standard biofeedback works with symptomatic areas of a disorder and allows one to teach oneself to alleviate those symptoms. The quantum leap of Neurofeedback is that, by using an EEG as its information source, NF allows one to view not the symptom but the underlying cause of a problem~ AND CHANGE THAT.

When the root of a tree begins to grow and be healthy, all the subsequent systems feel that new power and grow accordingly. The circulation improves, the leaves function better, and energy is free to be spent on growth. Our brains are the roots of our systems. All that we see and feel, and all that we say and do goes to or is sent from the brain. In making even the slightest change in our ability to process information we send a ripple of new ability throughout our system: perceptual, physical, and also spiritual.

Neurofeedback is a tool, a technology. It does not hold opinions nor does it judge. It simply performs the task for which it was created:  to objectively read and immediately reflect the electrical activity within the brain. What we do with the technology is up to our own needs and creativity. Most providers of this service are clinicians in the medical field. And so to do Neurofeedback with them you are going to have to have a problem, be in some way "broken." The tool itself is careless of your present state of "disease"- it will continue to faithfully produce the read-outs regardless. Our approach does not require a diagnosis to work with you- merely your desire to grow stronger. What you care to strengthen is up to you.