Technology Serving Consciousness


Note about MEMORY:

The one ubiquitous rule for memory is that repetition marks the memory deeper. Review regularly the lists you make. At least three times are required to make a strong imprint. At least twice a day after the initial exercise will send the information into Long Term. Since the exercise is a Theta one (inside one’s head) the work can be done while the body is doing another job. Reinforce memory while cleaning up from dinner, or while walking home from the bus, or any other time that the body is in auto-pilot Alpha.

Floor Plan

Tell the client to diagram a room or a floor of her home or school. Begin with the outline of the room, and then fill in the furniture and other relevant information. She will key in cognitively with greater ease if she speaks aloud what she is drawing, as she is drawing it.

Seating Arrangement

The client may write or say aloud the names of every person in her class. She may use the floor-plan diagram of her schoolroom and fill in the proper name for the proper desk.

Chain Links

Tell the client she will be able to remember a list of 10 items for a make-believe shopping trip. She will know them so well that she can recount the list to you forwards and backwards.

Here is how: Take the first two items from your list and have her make a mental picture of them together in some strange, impossible relationship. The key is to connect the two items crazily and colorfully, and preferably with much action. Then tell her the third item. She will link that item to the second in the same fashion: active, strange and impossible! Then she’ll link the third and fourth items, and so on.

For example:  Our first item is dish soap, and the second is some popcorn. She may picture a sink full of hot bubbly water and the soap bubbles float up into the air and pop into popcorn kernels. Even more graphic- when the bubbles pop into corn she can catch them in her mouth.

The third item will be some tomatoes. So she can think up a funny, impossible picture which connects popcorn to tomatoes. In the picture she may be an actor. Ask for movement and graphic detail.

The first time you do this exercise with your client, you should talk it out with her. Make up the pictures together. Ask her if she can see it clearly. Say the pictures aloud. Laugh. With successive times, you may ask the client to make her own pictures swiftly and silently. She can soon memorize lists of things (what books to bring home) and actions (all five of the things mom just asked her to do) easily and in a fun way.