Technology Serving Consciousness

Self Perception


A most immediate way to give clients a sense of stillness is to engage them in their own body. In the beginning of training, we may introduce our clients to their respiration. See the above list of exercises. Expand on the above list and report new, successful tasks to us so we may add them to this log.

If it is very hard for the client to feel his respiration, then break it down further. Have him attend only to his exhaling breath. Suggest different parts of the body which he will relax with each exhale. Continue providing stimulation for him to process, so that (in the beginning of training) he does not get "bored" or fidgety.

The Candle Flame Game

Light a candle and place it about 3 feet from the client. Have her pay close attention to her exhaling breath. She will notice a light flicker of the flame as she breathes out. Practice with different intensities of the candle dance. Sometimes the flame is very active, sometimes only a shimmer. Not ever (until the end of the condition) is it to be blown out. Play like you are testing for ghosts. See if your client can make the candle dance with no overt signs, so that you can "think it must be a ghost."

Body Tour

Your client will be breathing slowly and will have his eyes closed. In this condition, you may make suggestions to the client as to where he should place his attention as he breathes rhythmically. I will most often say this monologue from the first person. E.g.: "Now I can feel my two big toes. I can feel the web skin between the big toes and the toes next to them. The sensation has just moved up to the balls of my feet. They are strong and sturdy feet. Their bottoms have touched many, many roads. I must thank them often!"

You may move your attentions up the body, thanking certain parts as you go, releasing any soreness with your exhaling breath. This exercise is a fine model for changing negative physical images in to positive/hopeful ones. You are the tour guide. You can take your client on a full body tour, or go in to great detail on regions of the body which are wanting attention.

Flex and Relax

Tell the client that he will now tour his body and relieve it of tensions. He may close his eyes or observe an aspect of the feedback screen. Either way, he will be using his ears and his touch to learn in this condition. He listens to your voice as you suggest that he tighten all the muscles in his arms, or legs, or feet, and his belly (anywhere but the head and shoulders). Remind him to use his slow, relaxed breath throughout.

Hold the flex for a period of about 5 breath cycles, and then let that part of the body go as soft and limp as he can feel it go. Ask now about sensations in that part of the body. Is his arm heavy? Does he feel a tingle? Let the arm sink like a weight into its resting. Then move to another part of the body, until he is completely still, heavy, and bodily aware.