Technology Serving Consciousness

Aerobics for the Brain

In our years of working with clients- primarily to overcome attention deficits and self control issues- we have had the opportunity to explore the question of "What can be done at home to reinforce the client’s learning in our office?" There has to be an element of fun or the engagement of challenge, for we already have enough "chores" to do in one day.

Everyone at ADP has really put our creativity toward making exercises which will work on the very elements that an inattentive or uncontrolled person lacks, yet that person can successfully learn. The list has grown over our 9 years' activity in Atlanta. Here are some of our most successful exercises designed to help a person either accelerate the mind to an active, clear focus; or to attune the mind into a state of greater self-control.

Some exercises work specific problem areas like screening out background noise, or reading for comprehension, or sequences. We offer them to you here as an invitation to learn more about yourself and your own limits. If you are an adult and some exercises seem too simple, try them anyway. You may be surprised. However, anyone is sure to improve in just a few tries. Many of these are two-person games designed for parents to enjoy with their children. So have fun, and stay sharp. My motto for our work in biofeedback explains the purpose of these games quite well:

Empower. Employ. Enjoy!