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While there are many factors which create migraine headaches, there is no clear recipe for how to eliminate them from one’s life. For over thirty years though, there has been an effective form of treatment which has allowed people to notice when a migraine is brewing and even to be able to stop that process. The treatment is called biofeedback. What has been most commonly used is temperature biofeedback. Skin temperature definitely drops when a migraine strikes. Biofeedback training on how to raise skin temperature has helped many people notice and then ward off the pain.

In the brain, there often times occurs a noticeable drop in fast speed activity during the onset of a migraine, though there may not be such a deficit in the person during other times. To understand more about brain waves and their connection to how we feel, please visit the brain electrical map. It has been observed also that when a person is able to regenerate fast speed activity at the first signs of a migraine, the symptoms and experience do not take hold.

Controlling one's subtle biological functions may seem impossible, but with an amplifier (such as a biofeedback unit) these functions become obvious, and so self-control becomes easily actionable. Self-control is a learned skill. It is something that one becomes successful with through repetitive practice. This is true for all applications of Neurofeedback, but somewhat less so for treatment of migraines, because the best time to do a NF session for migraine relief is when a headache is coming on. People have been very successful in warding off a headache by doing a NF training session at the time it hits, and in capitalizing on the training at such times, clients can make leaps and bounds in understanding of how they are in control.

However one need not be suffering a migraine at the time of the session to make the changes. By merely working at generating the underlying deficit brain speed, persons can make the necessary growth out of a migraine’s threshold in as little as five sessions, though more commonly the training period lasts somewhat more than ten sessions. Sometimes as many as twenty sessions are needed for the experience to build a base. Each session is about an hour long, and we do two to three sessions a week.

In training the brain pattern for migraine headache relief, clients often notice certain side-effects. Usually a greater sense of their "center" is reported, and also a lesser tendency toward distractions. Sleep patterns tend to normalize, and because of these experiences a very important side-effect can be noticed: one’s self-esteem grows!