Technology Serving Consciousness


After you have taken a look at the map of brain electricity you will know the basics about the brain speed called SensoriMotor Rhythm (SMR). Which is, simply, the brain speed that occurs while a person is being still and aware of their physical self within the environment. This brain speed occurs at very high levels in world class athletes and in cats (among the most agile creatures), and it is relatively low in persons who are considered hyperactive.

Dependent upon what part of the brain’s SensoriMotor strip is lacking in SMR, one experiences symptoms ranging from difficulty falling asleep to uncontrolled and sudden rages. Also from late-age bedwetting to difficulty focusing while in groups (though fine while one on one). People who suffer from migraines generally produce low levels of SMR. They have weaker immune systems, are prone to allergies and have stronger wills. They are great fun socially because you do not know what will come out of their mouths next. Unfortunately from about adolescence on there is a greater likelihood to self-medicate themselves with deleterious drug usage and excessive stimulus seeking.

Training to enhance SMR activity is easily done. Based upon what the person’s experience is, we decide where on the head to measure from and we set a target SMR level for the person to produce. When he or she has the SMR level above our target (which is just at the edge of their personal envelope) the feedback system plays tones, and a video displays computer graphics that move. When the level of SMR drops below target the display stops moving. There is silence, and so we know that there was a drift. At this moment the person just refocuses and keeps going at it.

Each workout session is an hour. A client will come in twice a week for about 15 weeks to make the big movements occur. We provide clients with the games they can be playing at home, and with anchors they can use in their day to day reinforcements. The more one’s learning fits into one’s lifestyle, the more in-control one is over one’s Self and sooner felt are the benefits of training. After the intensive first 30 we span the next ten sessions over the next ten weeks. This is the client’s period of reinforcement, for there is nothing being done to our clients. They are simply using a powerful tool to know more about themselves. This learning is done through practice. Once learned . . . imagine where you may take it!

Many people who have worked with us on building self-control came in with ideas that they were "broken". Even at 6 and 8 years old these children had compared themselves against a "norm" and seen that obviously they were clumsier, got yelled at more, made fewer friends, and were ignored more often than the others. During our training together they would sometimes hold on to those old precepts; even as reality was reflecting the same old experiences of failure. Sometimes the child’s parents will hold on to the image of their wild child, (and of themselves as wild men and women) for longer than there was truth in that image. Neurofeedback (NF) training is a highly dynamic process.

So imagine yourself or your loved-one at his/her greatest potential. Now imagine what the first step toward that potential would look like. Now- when you go through NF training you can give yourself due credit as you observe those little things start to change. It was you who affected that change!